Bearing Inspection Facility

⇨ The Metrology and Metallurgical Lab is equipped with the world class sophisticated precision measuring equipment’s deployed to provide zero defect products

The important measuring equipment’s in our standard room are:

-Taylor and Hobson’s Talysurf 50
– Carl Zeiss Surfcom 1400G
– Roundness Tester
– Roughness Tester
– Counter measuring machine
– Vibration/Noise testing machine

In our Metallurgical Lab we have
– Spectrometer
– Micro hardness tester
– Vickers Hardness tester
– Digital Rockwell Hardness tester
– Ultrasonic testing machine
– Eddy Current hardness tester (ECT)
– Erichsen Cupping testing machine
– Millipore Apparatus
– Universal testing machine (UTM)
– Izod Impact testing machine
– Microscope – Image Analyzer